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Our menu changes with the seasons, some are staples, all are as fresh as we can get from choice suppliers, made by our hands in house to bring our best to your table.





Wagyu Pit Beef 

House smoked brisket

Pulled pork 

 Huli fried chicken

1/2lb 100% Beef burger

Hand made smoked sausage

House smoked salmon

Yakitori Skewered meats 

Served as Wrap/Roll/Burrito or over salad




Romaine cashew & tender stem pea 

XL cous cous chive and honey

Red cous cous radicchio & pepper

Polenta fries and salsa

 Smoked pepper with fried cauliflower

Quinoa green bean pickle radicchio

Three bean & charred fennel

Skewered Shishito peppers and mushroom

Served as is or in crispy tortilla bowl covered with dressing of choice and meat should you wish.